Dialogical: user research, ideation, design, and evaluation

Dialogical embraces dialogical design as its core approach. In design, this involves using creative techniques, tools, and prototypes to support dialogue between the client, or stakeholders and the design team. This encourages mutual understandings and creative reinterpretations that can offer new insights, ideas and design solutions. Besides 'talking'', Dialogical Design uses a codesign process to involve people closely in the designing and evaluation of the developing design. This allows designers to better understand people's sensemaking processes - understandings that helps guide and further refine the final design.


DIALOGICAL is a research and design consultancy founded by Tuck Leong (PhD) in 2013. Dialogical offers research and design consultancy, using qualitative user research, various design methodologies and evaluation of technology use. Besides User-Centered Design, User-Experience (UX) Design, and Participatory Design, Dialogical is committed to working closely with people throughout the design process.

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Tuck is based in Sydney, working as a senior lecturer and researcher in Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Technology (UTS).

Tuck has worked in Denmark and the UK, both in academia and industry, researching and designing interactive systems in various government-funded and commercial design projects. Throughout, he has developed a suite of dialogical methods and tools to improve the design of interactive technologies.



November 2013

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